2017 - Rhizome

Let's Talk About Death | Isabel Merrin

Isabel was a senior studying Art History. Aside from her passion for hospice care, she was a Tisch Scholar, interning for The Conversation Project, the leader of Moral Voices, a social justice initiative, and a campus tour guide.

#StayWoke or Stay Divided | Alyssa Rivas

Alyssa Rivas was a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies; she created the major Youth Development, Ethnic Idea and Media Socialization. Alyssa served as a Gerald Gill Fellow at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy.

How's it Going? | Atreyo Sinha

Atreyo was a senior studying Economics and International Relations. Relentlessly inquisitive, he strives to understand the intricacies and nuances that influence popular culture. He also loves singing in the shower and watching sappy films.

Floppy Fish and the Mystery of Muscle | Eric Tytell

Eric Tytell is an assistant professor of Biology at Tufts University, where he studies how fish swim. In his research, he aims to understand how fish bodies and brains work together so that they can swim stably and efficiently.

Humanizing the Science Conversation | Jonathan Garlick

Jonathan Garlick is a stem cell scientist who teaches that learning about sciences issues. He deeply believes that we can build trust, dignity and humility through dialogue across divisive societal issues by being genuinely curious about each other.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Autism? | Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins was a senior double majoring in biology and history. He was the co-founder and president of the Coalition for Autism Support at Tufts (CAST), a support and advocacy group by and for autistic students.

Speaking While Female | Manal Cheema

Manal Cheema was a senior majoring in Political Science in addition to pursuing a certificate in Ethics, Law, and Society and a minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. She was involved with ALLIES, the Union, and Writing Fellows at Tufts.

Embracing Science as a Verb | Rachael Bonoan

Rachael was a Ph.D. Candidate who studied honey bee nutritional ecology at Tufts University. Rachael is also the President of the Boston Area Beekeepers Association and enjoys sharing her research and the importance of pollinator health.

Targeted, Accused and Why I Teach About Justice | Sonja Spears

Sonja M. Spears is a Tufts graduate and a retired judge with twelve years of judicial service. She is eternally hopeful and confident that upcoming generations will choose to create a future where equality, justice and compassion are priorities.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Being an Anime Expert | Susan Napier

Susan Napier is Professor of Japanese Studies at Tufts University. Besides teaching Japan-related courses on literature, gender, and popular culture, Professor Napier also teaches "Fantasy in World Culture," and "The Cinema of Apocalypse."

2016 - Verge

A refugee rescue mission story - Uncovering distinct competences | Sasha Chanoff

Sasha Chanoff is the founder of RefugePoint, a humanitarian organization that finds lasting solutions for the most at risk refugees. Sasha received his Master's in Humanitarian Assistance through the Fletcher and Nutrition Schools.

Using Motivated Empathy to Address Societal Issues | Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry is a PhD Candidate in Social Psychology at Tufts, with an MA in Psychology from NYU. She uses social psychological and neuroscientific approaches to examine the complexities underlying contemporary race relations.

I don't know, so I will listen | Ameya Naik

Ameya is a graduate student at The Fletcher School, studying International Relations and International Law. He is interested in how identities influence the acquisition, use, or rejection of new information about the world.

Creating partnerships and social change through multimedia tools | Mahmoud Jabari

Mahmoud Jabari studying Law and Diplomacy with a focus on International Business Relations at the Fletcher School. He co-designed the BREAKAWAY Summer Camps Initiative which was implemented in Palestine and in El Salvador.

Re-imagining the undergraduate experience | Howard Woolf

Howard Woolf is the Director of the Experimental College and an Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Tufts University. Here, he revitalized and oversees filmmaking, and recently spearheaded a feature film titled Marranos.

The subjectivity of truth | Laura Graham

Graham is a scholar of international conflict and peace processes. Her research focuses on the role of civil society in peacebuilding and post-conflict reconciliation.

A refugee rescue mission story - Uncovering distinct competences | Cristina Rosa

Cristina F. Rosa lectures at Tufts University's Drama and Dance department, where she teaches dance. Her research interests include the intersection of embodiment, knowledge production, and processes of identification.

Food for thought - Empowering humans with data | Neal Jawadekar

Neal Jawadekar graduated with a BA/MPH from Tufts University in 2014, where he played on the tennis team and co-founded the Association of Multiracial People at Tufts. He is currently a healthcare data analyst at Predilytics.

Creating a better world through artificial intelligence | Max Bennett

Max is a senior at Tufts double majoring in Cognitive and Brain Science and in Computer Science. Researching topics in artificial intelligence and social robotics, Max wants to shape future human-robot encounters in positive ways.

Keeping the classical music story alive | Sam Weiser

Sam Weiser is an undergraduate student at Tufts University and the New England Conservatory pursuing degrees in both computer science and violin performance.

A healthy mind, not just the absence of mental illness | Jimena Sanchez Gallego

Jimena Sanchez Gallego is a senior triple majoring in International Relations, Community Health, and French. Jimena hopes that one day she will return to her homeland of Mexico and apply her knowledge to help it develop sustainably and achieve its full potential.

Chemistry is fun. No, seriously! | Jordin Metz

Jordin Metz is a senior majoring in chemistry. He loves dancing, learning, and sleeping, and thinks that keeping an open mind is the best way to grow.

The reconciliation of numbers & narratives | Soubhik Barari

Soubhik Barari is a Tufts senior who grew up in New England and is studying Mathematics and Computer Science. He is the founder of the Tufts Independent Data Journal and enjoys playing music during his off-hours as a student.

2015 Let Thoughts Take Flight

Embracing female leadership in crisis and beyond | Angeli Gianchandani

Angeli recently completed an MA in International Relations from The Fletcher School. Angeli has spearheaded a number of marketing initiatives for brands like DKNY, Ralph Lauren and BMW.

An evidence-based, personalized approach to health | Michael Lustgarten

Michael Lustgarten is a post-doctoral scholar at the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University where investigates mechanisms that may underlie muscle mass and physical function in older adults.

Something out of nothing: A brand new language | Rabia Ergin

Rabia is a Tufts PhD student in the Cognitive Science and Psychology program. She is a student of Prof. Jackendoff, and she holds an MSci in Cogntive Science from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, where she is originally from.

Finding friendship in a grande latte: story of cross-cultural engagement | Jeremy Blaney

Jeremy is an Institute for Business in the Global Context Scholar at The Fletcher School, where he is pursuing a masters degree. Jeremy served in the U.S. Air Force over three deployments in support of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM.

From ivory tower to ivory trade | Sulmaan Khan, Ellen Mcdonald, and Elayne Stecher

Khan is Assistant Professor and directs the Water and Oceans program at the CIERP. Mcdonald has worked as a librarian at the Ginn Library since 1986. Stecher graduated from Tufts in 2014 and currently works for the CIERP.

On pedestals | Marcella Hastings

Marcella Hastings is a senior studying computer science and mathematics. An engineer, she enjoys building communities, investigating data, teaching undergraduates, and knit-based art projects.

The Dao of getting lost | James Kiefner

James Kiefner is a Tufts senior from Concord, NH, majoring in Psychology and History. He is also a cadet in the US Army ROTC, destined for Ft. Rucker, AL shortly after graduation.

The renaissance of voice | Gracie McKenzie

Gracie McKenzie is a senior from Eugene, Oregon majoring in American Studies and minoring in Media Studies. She's happiest watching the sun rise, eating burritos, and/or sharing stories, but is always making lists.

The boxes we check | Abuzar Royesh

Abuzar Royesh, Tufts University class of 2016, is originally from Kabul, Afghanistan. He is the co-founder of Bridges Academy, an education and literacy project for internally displaced persons in Afghanistan.