TEDxTufts 2017 - Rhizome

Let's Talk About Death | Isabel Merrin

Isabel was a senior studying Art History. Aside from her passion for hospice care, she was a Tisch Scholar, interning for The Conversation Project, the leader of Moral Voices, a social justice initiative, and a campus tour guide.

#StayWoke or Stay Divided | Alyssa Rivas

Alyssa Rivas was a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies; she created the major Youth Development, Ethnic Idea and Media Socialization. Alyssa served as a Gerald Gill Fellow at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy.

How's it Going? | Atreyo Sinha

Atreyo was a senior studying Economics and International Relations. Relentlessly inquisitive, he strives to understand the intricacies and nuances that influence popular culture. He also loves singing in the shower and watching sappy films.

Floppy Fish and the Mystery of Muscle | Eric Tytell

Eric Tytell is an assistant professor of Biology at Tufts University, where he studies how fish swim. In his research, he aims to understand how fish bodies and brains work together so that they can swim stably and efficiently.

Humanizing the Science Conversation | Jonathan Garlick

Jonathan Garlick is a stem cell scientist who teaches that learning about sciences issues. He deeply believes that we can build trust, dignity and humility through dialogue across divisive societal issues by being genuinely curious about each other.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Autism? | Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins was a senior double majoring in biology and history. He was the co-founder and president of the Coalition for Autism Support at Tufts (CAST), a support and advocacy group by and for autistic students.

Speaking While Female | Manal Cheema

Manal Cheema was a senior majoring in Political Science in addition to pursuing a certificate in Ethics, Law, and Society and a minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. She was involved with ALLIES, the Union, and Writing Fellows at Tufts.

Embracing Science as a Verb | Rachael Bonoan

Rachael was a Ph.D. Candidate who studied honey bee nutritional ecology at Tufts University. Rachael is also the President of the Boston Area Beekeepers Association and enjoys sharing her research and the importance of pollinator health.

Targeted, Accused and Why I Teach About Justice | Sonja Spears

Sonja M. Spears is a Tufts graduate and a retired judge with twelve years of judicial service. She is eternally hopeful and confident that upcoming generations will choose to create a future where equality, justice and compassion are priorities.

How I Learned to...Enjoy Being an Anime Expert | Susan Napier

Susan Napier is Professor of Japanese Studies at Tufts University. Besides teaching Japan-related courses on literature, gender, and popular culture, Professor Napier also teaches "Fantasy in World Culture," and "The Cinema of Apocalypse."