Meet the TEDxTufts Team


  • Akshat is a senior studying International Relations and Film. He has been involved with TEDx events for the past six years. Life, for him, is the small things---from late-night conversations about existence to the perfect mix of pesto, cheese, and truffle.

    Akshat Rajan


  • Boyce is a junior from Columbia, South Carolina studying Film and Media. She loves reading myths and legends, cooking, and hanging out with cute dogs.

    Boyce Meyers

    Head of Partnerships

  • Sarah Minster is a sophomore from Deerfield, Illinois, studying some combination of International Relations, Economics, and Arabic. As a pursuer of live music and a travel-enthusiast, Sarah loves eating apples, drinking coffee, and spending time in the sunshine.

  • Saherish is a freshman from Corpus Christi, Texas majoring in Political Science and Community Health. She loves Steve Jobs, peanut butter & jelly cupcakes, napping, binge watching documentaries, and taking too many planned candids!

    Saherish Surani

    Head of Production

  • Zach is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. He is interested in Economics, Psychology, Japanese, and Urban Studies! He loves photography, reading, running, and watching movies.

    Zach Sebek

    Head of Videography

  • Covie is a senior from Singapore majoring in CS and CBS/minoring in Econ, and loves jumping out of perfectly good planes for some reason.


  • Olivia Ng is a junior from the Bay Area California studying community health and computer science. She loves to ski, hike, draw, and spend time with her family and friends. Her most used kitchen appliance is her panini maker.

    Oliva Ng

  • Deeya is a sophomore from Mumbai, India probably majoring in Economics and Psychology. She loves dancing, travelling, and meeting new people!

    Deeya Shroff

  • Ben Van Lonkhuyzen is a Sophomore at Tufts and is super excited to be a member of TedxTufts. Despite having two cats and two dogs he would consider himself a cat person.

    Benjamin Van Lonkuyzen

Speaker Coaching

  • Ava is a sophomore at Tufts from Laguna Beach, California. She is studying Biomedical Engineering but in her free time she loves reading, listening to music, all things outdoors (especially the beach!).

    Ava Soltani

  • Frederick Hissenkaemper is a senior from Hamburg, Germany who studies Psychology and International Relations. He loves hosting dinner parties, going to the movies and rock climbing.

    Frederick Hissenkaemper

  • Hasan is a freshman from Sharon, Massachusetts studying Child Studies and Human Development on a premed track. From profiles to speaker coaching, Hasan likes to catch the moment someone lets their speak and shares their most authentic self.

    Hasan Khan

  • Yang is a Tufts sophomore from Taiwan who lives for gastronomy, massive dogs, and finalizing software design ideas in the shower.

    Yang Lowe

  • Mackenzie Tatananni is a freshman originally from Irvington, NY. She is interested in forensic science, writing, and art. In her free time she likes to pretend she’s an FBI agent and travels the world through Google Street View.

    Mackenzie Tatananni

  • Kate Golding is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California majoring in English and Film and Media Studies. She hopes to one day use her Ted storytelling skills as a film or TV producer. Kate loves movies about high school, her two cats, and arguing.

    Kate Golding

  • Maggie Van Scoy is a sophomore from San Luis Obispo, CA majoring in international relations and economics. She loves wool socks, raspberries, and hearing others' stories

    Maggie Van Scoy

  • Dana Segal is a freshman majoring in Psychology with an interest in medicine. Dana is from Highland Park, IL a suburb of Chicago and loves hiking, running, and baking.

    Dana Segal

  • Simone is a freshman from Westport, CT who loves the great outdoors all things musical theater. She's studying Biology and English and is constantly on the hunt to find new ways to combine the two.

    Simone Barr

  • Emma Singleton is a junior from Salt Lake City, UT majoring in biopsychology and religious studies. Emma is passionate about neuroscience, spending time in the mountains, good music, and bagels.

    Emma Singleton

  • Karim Kamal is a freshmen from London, most likely majoring in International Relations. He loves doing physical activity, in particular playing soccer, as it allows him to be outside and working as a team to achieve a result.

    Karim Kamal

  • Arya Pindiprolu is a first year from Buffalo, NY. She is interested in International Relations and Economics. She also loves to play the violin, spend time with friends, read, and watch TED talks.

    Arya Pindiprolu

  • Sara is senior who leads a life looking to be overwhelmed by literature and simple moments of beauty! One of her favorite things is walking and in her dream life would be a nomadic mushroom forager with a dog companion.

    Sara Bass

  • Yashi Thakurani is a freshman from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, planning to major in Biology. She has a deep love of food, especially when accompanied with good conversations.

    Yashi Thakurani

Marketing & Publicity

  • Emma Dzwierzynski is a sophomore from Evanston, IL majoring in Political Science and Community Health. She loves running, being outdoors in the warm weather, and anything food related!

    Emma Dzwierzynski

  • Elaine Jiawei Gao is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. Elaine majors in English and International Relations. Elaine loves watching movies, reading and writing novels. As a reader and writer, Elaine believes in the power of human emotions and wants to empathize with others as deeply as possible.

    Elaine (Jiawei) Gao

  • Talia is a Junior from Minneapolis, MN studying Archaeology and French. She loves cooking with her friends, wandering around art museums, and listening to people talk about their passions.

    Talia Smith

  • Lulu Soghaier is a sophomore from Dubai, UAE, majoring in Economics and Spanish with a Finance minor. As an international student, Lulu loves bringing together people of all backgrounds and enjoys learning and speaking different languages.

    Layan Soghaier

  • Thuy Anh Duong is a sophomore from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam majoring in Economics and minoring in Political Science. Thuy Anh loves traveling, painting and food.

    Thuy Anh Duong

  • Kristen Moran is a junior from Darien, CT, majoring in Computer Science. While her major is in STEM, her heart lies in marketing and advertising.

    Kristen Moran

  • Alfonso is a freshman from Manila, Philippines looking to major in Sociology and Environmental Studies. He loves, reading, pugs, sitcoms, puns, and Hawaiian pizza.

    Alfonso Syquia

  • Kat Reid is a Sophomore from Dover, New Hampshire studying International Relations and Cognitive Brain Sciences. She is an avid foodie and sports fanatic, and loves learning about other people's passions, aspirations and life stories. She aspires to one day be multilingual.

    Kat Reid

  • Daisy is a junior from Hangzhou, China majoring in philosophy. Her interests are always changing except for the love of stories and éclair.

    Daisy Hu

  • Lucy is a sophomore from Sammamish, Washington with no idea what she's majoring in! Hobbies include running, playing with her dog, and being outside. Catch her in Carm "working" while eating whipped cream!

    Lucy Price


  • Nina Johnston, a senior from NYC, loves to always be busy. She's a biology major and engineering management minor, but hopes to go into event production. Nina also loves dancing, cooking, and sailing.

    Nina Johnston

  • Ross is a junior from Darien Connecticut double majoring in Economics and Cognitive Brain Science. He loves dogs, sun, and music (anything that brings people together).

    Ross Hamilton

  • Holly is a junior from Vancouver and Hong Kong, majoring in international relations and minoring in philosophy. She loves listening to music, soaking up the sunshine, and exploring new places.

    Holly Zhang

  • Vivek is a freshman from Monroe Township, New Jersey who is planning on majoring in Biochemistry. In his free time explores his passions such as photography, exploring dope places, and eating the best Thai food in the area.

    Vivek Krishnam

  • Jiayu Xu is a junior from Nanjing, China who majors in International Relations and Environmental Studies. She loves reading, watching Friends, travelling, and petting golden retrievers. She is going to study abroad in Paris the upcoming spring semester, so definitely say "hi" to her if you encounter her along the Seine.

    Jiayu Xu

  • Leah Sugrue is a freshman from Long Island, NY who's (as of now) interested in math as well as policy. She absolutely loves cupcakes and spending time outside.

    Leah Sugrue

  • Sabrina is a freshman at Tufts from New York City studying Computer Science and International Relations (for now). She enjoys consuming vast amounts of bubble tea in her free time and watching too much Netflix.

    Sabrina Wen

Design & Web

  • Kate Clawson is a sophomore from San Francisco, California. She is majoring in Engineering Psychology, and loves skiing and sleeping, as well as front-end development and design.

    Kate Clawson

  • Ezri Horne is a second year in the SMFA + Tufts combined degree program. Ezri is interested in the art and design as ways to engage communities and access ideas.

    Ezri Horne

  • Kunaal Wadekar Bhargava is a sophomore from Mumbai, India majoring in Computer Science and Biotechnology. In his spare time, he loves drumming, coding small mini-games and playing or watching soccer.

    Kunaal Wadekar Bhargava

  • Quinn Tucker is a freshman at Tufts University. She is originally from Los Angeles, but has lived in Singapore since 2006. While her major is currently undecided, she is thinking about studying English or Anthropology for her love for both art and literature.

    Quinn Tucker

  • James is a third-year student at Tufts University majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive & Brain Sciences. He is from Darien, Connecticut and enjoys hosting a biweekly radio show and is learning guitar.

    James Garijo-Garde


  • Dorothea Wotton is a freshman at Tufts University from New Jersey. She plans to major in music and enjoys writing. She loves new experiences and making memories with her friends and family.

    Dorothea Wotton

  • Justin Tran was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Arizona. He is a junior majoring in International Relations and Film & Media Studies. He enjoys traveling, spicy foods, and supports Real Madrid, the best futbol team in the world.

    Justin Tran

  • Alex is a second-year combined degree student from Northern Jersey looking to study film and animation. Her body composition is 60% water, 33% popcorn, and 7% peanut butter.

    Alex Gutierrez

  • Ben Keller is a sophomore from outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania planning on majoring in Psychology. Outside of class, Ben enjoys singing, cooking breakfast at ALL times of day, and spending way too much time on Google Maps.

    Ben Keller

  • Jessie Lan is a sophomore from Bridgewater, New Jersey who is studying Cognitive and Brain Sciences. She enjoys reading, journaling, and eating midnight snacks in the dorm.

    Jessie Lan