Meet the TEDxTufts Team


  • Tommy is a senior majoring in CompSci from Beijing, China. He is also a Project Leader for Jumbocode and a devoted TA. Believe in the him that believes in you!

  • Akshat is a third year, from Bombay, India, who will probably major in International Relations. He's been involved with TEDx for 4 years and loves theatre, people and traveling.

    Akshat Rajan


  • Ramone is a fourth year student who is interested in neuroscience and the humanities.

  • Taylor is a Senior at Tufts studying Film and Media Studies originally from Pennington, NJ. As a filmmaker and a photographer, Taylor believes that moments are everything.

    Taylor Fasolo

    Creative Director

  • Jake Moran is a senior from Mansfield, Massachusetts majoring in Economics and Computer Science. He enjoys reading, swimming, and binge watching TV shows.

  • Amy Sokolow is a senior from the 'burbs of Boston studying Film and Media Studies, Sociology, and ELS. She enjoys music and singing, learning about the art of communication, and pursuing the best bubble tea in Boston.

    Amy Sokolow

    Head of Publicity

  • Zach is a Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois. He is interested in Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Japanese. He loves photography, reading, running, and watching movies.

    Zach Sebek

    Head of Videography

  • Jia Wen is a sophomore from Singapore looking to major in Computer Science and/or Economics. He's really into tech, film, graphic design and Kit Kat. Especially Kit Kat.

    Jia Wen Goh

    Head of Design

  • Maya Pace is a senior from Northern California. She is studying Peace and Justice Studies and loves eating yams, crunching chips, drinking tea, and watching TED magic.

    Maya Pace

    Head of Marketing

  • Rob is senior studying Mechanical Engineering, from Princeton, NJ. He is passionate about electric cars and creating a sustainable future. He also loves traveling and hearing new stories.

    Rob Hrabchak

    Head of Production


  • Olivia is a Sophomore from Northern California who is majoring in Environmental Studies. She loves being outdoors, dancing, crafting, and making panini's.

    Oliva Ng

  • Saherish is a freshman from Corpus Christi, Texas majoring in Political Science and Community Health. She loves Steve Jobs, peanut butter & jelly cupcakes, napping, binge watching documentaries, and taking too many planned candids!

    Saherish Surani

  • Joe Barbaro is a freshman from Holmdel, New Jersey. Joe runs track and is studying mechanical engineering.

    Joe Barbaro

  • Julie is a junior from Shanghai studying CS and math. Some of the weirder things she enjoy include debugging code at 3am in the morning. She believes in living the moment and making the best of it.

    Julie Jiang

Speaker Coaching

  • Ava Soltani is a freshman at Tufts from Irvine, CA. She loves reading, listening to music, and all things outdoors.

    Ava Soltani

  • Yanelle Cruz is a junior studying Sociology and Latino Studies. She's from Tegucigalpa, Honduras but considers Washington, DC her home. She loves dancing, social theory, traveling, theatre, dogs, naps and wine.

    Yanelle Cruz Bonilla

  • Hermes is a junior from Westfield, NJ studying Mechanical Engineering and Cognitive Brain Science. He is passionate about the ability to change the world through ideas, and is actively involved in entrepreneurship and design thinking at Tufts.

    Hermes Suen

  • Yang Lowe is a freshman from Taiwan, planning to major in Biology. Yang loves cooking, traveling, and photography.

    Yang Lowe

  • Peter is a senior from Milford, MA, and is majoring in Spanish while on the Pre-Medical track. He finds joy in all kinds of things, such as sunrise hikes, fresh air, push-ups and pull-ups, and musical jam sessions with friends.

    Peter Bae

  • Kate Golding is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California. Thinking about picking a major stresses her out, but imagining her dream life as a Hollywood executive calms her down. She loves movies about high school, her two cats, and arguing.

    Kate Golding

  • Daisy is a sophomore from Hangzhou, China. She tells everyone that she majors in philosophy but actually hasn't declared yet. She loves meditating (aka. doing nothing) and is interested in linguistics.

    Daisy Hu

  • Teddy is a junior studying computer science and history. He's very excited to be a part of the speaker coaching team again this year. He likes hiking, traveling, knitting, and all you can eat sushi.

    Teddy Laurita

  • Catherine is a senior from Lexington, MA studying biology and child development. She loves running, reading, and anything involving peanut butter.

    Catherine Sillari

  • Emma is a sophomore from Salt Lake City, Utah studying biopsychology and religion on the pre-med track. She is a lover of good food, hiking in the mountains, and long conversations in coffee shops.

    Emma Singleton

  • Kemma is a junior studying economics and psychology here at tufts. She is from New York City specifically the upper west side. She has a deep love of podcasts, and is currently working on making the perfect sourdough loaf.

    Kemma Kahn

Marketing & Publicity

  • Ballard is a Senior at Tufts studying Computer Science originally from Fairfield, CT. He finds joy in cooking with pals and seeing live music. Ballard believes in the power of TED talks to inspire and to change minds.

    Ballard Blair

  • Mitch is a sophomore from Groton, MA majoring in political science and history. He loves libraries, old photographs, and cheesecake. His favorite color just happens to be TED red.

    Mitch Navetta

  • Talia is a first-year student from Minneapolis, MN who loves archaeology and hopes to major in it. She also loves lakes, drawing, cooking with friends, and thinking bout outer space.

    Talia Smith

  • Jacob is a senior MechE with minors in French and EM from Hunt Valley, MD. He is on the swim team, a Wilderness Leader, and a member of ATO. In his free time, he likes taking prolonged showers while screaming power ballots.

    Jacob Siegelbaum

  • Kemma is a junior studying economics and psychology here at tufts. She is from New York City specifically the upper west side. She has a deep love of podcasts, and is currently working on making the perfect sourdough loaf.

    Kemma Kahn

  • Sara Bass is a writing enthusiast for all forms of creative expression! She is a senior from Seal Beach, California, studying English & Psychology. She also has a very healthy fixation on aged cheese:)

    Sara Bass

  • Claire is a sophomore from Singapore and Brooklyn majoring in Biology and minoring in Chinese. She loves traveling, learning songs on the piano and finding new places to eat.

    Claire Freeman

  • Sarah is a first-year from Deerfield, Illinois, and is currently undecided as to what she wants to major in. She loves sunshine, eating ice cream, exploring the outdoors, and engaging with passionate people.

    Sarah Minster

  • Sid Hillwig is a freshman from Sunset Beach, North Carolina intending to major in Chemical Engineering and loves creating visual art and poetry. Sid's free time is filled with knitting socks for friends and appreciating math.

    Sid Hillwig


  • Chae is a sophomore from Newton, MA thinking about majoring in either Political Science, American Studies, or International Relations. She loves photography, listening to music, trying new foods, and traveling.

    Chae Chun

  • Connor Doherty is a Senior from Manhattan, New York majoring in ACS Chemistry. He is passionate about European soccer, windsurfing, cycling, and tea. He believes that "no moment should go wasted."

    Connor Doherty

  • Andrew is a sophomore from San Diego, CA thinking about majoring in Computer Science. He shows his passion for engaging with the world by studying Mandarin Chinese, consulting for nonprofits, and trying new food trends he hears about.

    Andrew Castro

  • Dani is a junior from Chevy Chase, MD majoring in Computer Science. She loves the beach, the Pittsburgh Steelers, ice cream, and traveling anywhere & everywhere.

    Dani Kupfer

  • Emily North is a junior from San Diego, California majoring in International Relations with a minor in Econ. She is passionate about peanut butter, color coding, and still scared of cold weather.

    Emily North

  • Nidhi is a sophomore majoring in IR & Spanish. Currently, Bombay is home, but she grew up in Shanghai, Baltimore, and New Delhi. Her interests include playing the piano, eating cookies and suntanning.

    Nidhi Rao


  • Zoe Miller is a senior studying the connections between IR and Peace & Justice Studies. Zoe can be found shuffling around campus with tennis rackets, a doodling pen at the ready, and a medley of squished fruit in the bottom of her backpack.

    Zoe Miller

  • Ezri is a freshmen in the SMFA combined degree program from Santa Fe, NM. As a sculptor and potter, Ezri is interested in how both material and visual design can enhance the the way we experience the world.

    Ezri Horne

  • Rhea is a sophomore from Catonsville, Maryland, majoring in Engineering Psychology. She enjoys oil painting, dancing, and watching tasty videos.

    Rhea Montgomery-Walsh


  • Ben Keller is a freshman from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania interested in History and Psychology. Outside of class, Ben enjoys singing, watching Jeopardy, and spending way too much time on Google Maps.

    Ben Keller

  • Lucy is a freshman with no idea what she wants to major in. She is from Sammamish, Washington and loves dancing, hiking, and whipped cream.

    Lucy Price


  • Jessie is a freshman from Bridgewater, NJ who plans to major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences (as of now!) She likes to read and play flute, and finds herself spending too much time watching Tasty videos on facebook.

    Jessie Lan

  • James is a second-year student at Tufts University majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive & Brain Sciences. He is from Darien, Connecticut and enjoys hosting a weekly radio show.

    James Garijo-Garde